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Historical -The history of indore reveals that the ancestors of the founders of the city were hereditary Zamindars and indigenous landholders of Malwa. The families of these landlords led a luxurious lifestyle . Rao nand Lal chaudhary was the chief Zameendaar and received a special place in the Emperor's court in Delhi. He was presented two Jewel studded swords which are now displayed in the Royal British museum.

Once while visiting the banks of river Saraswati Rao Nand lal found a location surrounded by rivers on all sides. He constructed the fort of Shree Sansthaan bada ,Rajwada . The city was named Indrapur after lord Indreswara and eventually came to be known as Indore.In 1743 AD baji Rao peshwa received the vice-royalty of Malwa. This marked the beginning of Holkar,s reign in Malwa. By the end of his reign the Holkar state was independent. He was succeeded by his daughter -in law Ahilya Bai Holkar (1767-1795) .in 1947 after India,s independence Indore along with other princely states become a part of Madhya Bharat then ,which later re named as Madhya Pradesh.

Indore - Business and Job Opportunity

Indore is the largest commercial centre of the Madhya Pradesh.

Indore is known as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh because of the many small, mid and large-scale manufacturing and service industries located here which provides tremendous potentials of all kinds of jobs ranging from the senior level to mid level to entry level jobs in various capacities .

The industries range from automobile to software to textile trading to real estate. Important industrial areas are the Pithampur Special Economic Zone and the Sanwer Industrial belt. Pithampur is also known as the Detroit of India because it has many big auto companies like Force Motors, Volvo Eicher commercial, Avtec, Mahindra two wheelers Ltd. etc. Pithampur also has production plants of various pharmaceutical companies like Ipca Laboratories, Cipla, Lupin, Glenmark, Unichem etc. Sanwer has steel industries.

Textile manufacturing and trading is the oldest business in Indore, among the new businesses real estate has grown at a rapid rate in recent years.

Another major industry to develop in recent years is the software industry. Major players in this domain include Impetus, IBM India and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). There are many small and medium size software development firms as well.

Tata Consultancy Services is likely entering here and are going to establish their establishment in Indore. A new development centre at Indore by software giant of India Infosys is already on the progress .More than 100 small and big sizes Software development companies are in Indore with 3rd largest mobile application development hub successfully working .

According to a prediction based on trends presently in next 2 yrs. more than 10 lac job opportunities to be created thanks to Infosys, TCS and other companies.

The leading technology service provider Devi Ahilya Centre for Computer and Information Technology (DACCIT) providing IT Solutions for multinational companies is also situated at Indore. In this way Indore is a dream destination for any job seeker with multiple options.

Indore - Real Estate

Indore is very rapidly growing city therefore emerging of Real Estate sector in and around the city is necessity and need of the hour. Indore is witnessing many new and promising players in this field one like ours which provides best housing and investment solution for anyone who wish to have his own property at competitive price.